Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) 2021

UPDATE: Due to Covid-19 and the safety precautions we are taking, the Asia Pacific Quality Network Academic Conference has been postponed to 17-20 November 2021.

EduValue is the proud host of the latest edition of the APQN. We have been strengthening education since 2012 in Quality Assurance (QA). The company retains an undisputed mastery over Academic QA and regulatory compliance. The organisation has since grown to provide strategy consultation, digital workflow, human capital to outsourcing QA, management advising, M&A activities and independent audits to identify real gaps that hinder progress, and discover competent assistance with university partner validations.

What is APQN?

The APQN Academic Conference (AAC) is an annual Asia-Pacific event that brings together Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Quality Assurance Agencies (QAAs), government regulators and organisations working in the field of quality assurance to discuss and advance quality assurance in higher education.

The 5th AAC will focus on the discussions of the future of quality assurance for higher education in the era of technological advances, particularly the need for Schools to adopt better workflow by automating business processes.

Digital workflows can drastically improve overall operational efficiency, process agility and performance visibility.

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