WSQ Training Providers and Approved Training Organisations (ATOs)

Are you a Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Training Provider or an Approved Training Organisation (ATOs) overwhelmed by how to execute regulatory, operations, digitisation, or long-term strategic planning? Here at EduValue, we want to alleviate your burdens and simplify the application processes for you so that you can apply your expertise on what really matters – upgrading the skills of our workforce as part of Singapore’s Skillsfuture (SSG) movement.

Our line of services extends far beyond traditional consultant, and soars above our competition.

Let us help you see what really happens on the ground and provide transparency to your actual operations. Our experts can identify gaps and flaws and rectify them with customised targeted solutions to raise the quality of your school.

A strong foundation is what gives your business longevity.


Stumped by how to apply for your organisation to receive WSQ or ATO accreditation? With EduValue, becoming a WSQ Training Provider or an ATO doesn’t have to be complicated. Here, our line of services extends far beyond traditional consulting, and soars above our competition. Our integrated services are designed perfectly to support the WSQ Training Providers and ATO sector and is in compliance with the regulatory requirements set by SSG. Should you have further enquiries on your WSQ Training Provider or ATO journey, please do not hesitate to speak to our consultants for more insights and support.


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