EduValue is part of the EV Education Group and is also Asia’s first and only full suite Educational Consulting Specialist that assists Private Education Institutes (PEIs) in attaining or maintaining the EduTrust Certification and Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF). EduValue has also been the pioneer in assisting PEIs in setting-up in Singapore (starting from scratch) and also the only firm that develops and manages PEI’s QA Departments operationally and strategically.

Covering a wide range of consulting areas, EduValue also assists Educational Establishments to attain the WSQ ATO Status / CIR, the license to run Tuition Centres, M&As and turnkey projects where we assist investors to develop and implement their strategies for the long term.

In short, EduValue, would be able to assist in any Private Education related area or function and we’ll love to connect with anyone from this sector. Do speak to us for any confidential discussion and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

For the Singapore market, there are 2 types of Consulting assistance available. The first is individual consultants that assist PEIs on ERF and/or EduTrust Projects and the second is a full suite Quality Assurance Consulting Firm that has much more resources in terms of research and the handling of operational work for ERF and/or EduTrust Projects.

For the second type, EduValue is currently the only such firm in Singapore to offer such services as compared to individual consultants and/or one-man consulting firms. Having sufficient resources would mean that EduValue is able to be up to date to changes as we go through 30 – 40 EduTrust applications every year. In addition, a dedicated research team is in place to provide and continually upgrade the Systems and Processes that PEIs need for EduTrust and also for continual improvement.

For all projects and engagements, we’ll first seek to understand the PEI’s requirements, operations and strategies. This will be done prior to giving our proposal which will then be customized to suit the PEI’s needs. Upon official engagement, EduValue would be very much involved with the operations, working closely with the PEI’s operational and leadership teams. Unlike traditional consulting, EduValue is very much involved operationally and not just giving advice and recommendation.

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