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Digital Certs

iCosys is the digital supporting brand of EV specialising in customising digital infrastructure to support each school’s needs whether it is in school systems like School Management System (SMS), Learning Management System (LMS), Workspaces or Digital Certs.

CSR: The EV Network

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, EduValue has set-up a non-profit, The EV Network. We want to play a larger role by empowering schools, and make them better as a collective whole.

This network is readily and freely available to schools regardless of whether or not they are our clients. It is completely free with no membership fees and great benefits.


With increasing digitisation in workflows and challenges of day-to-day operations, it is crucial that your PEI evolves with the times. The PEI Survival & Sustainability Project catalyses your evolution.

Government funding available for SMEs.

Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) Academic Conference (AAC) and
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
2021 & 2022

The APQN AAC & AGM is an annual Asia-Pacific event that brings together Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Quality Assurance Agencies (QAAs), government regulators and organisations working in the field of quality assurance to discuss and advance quality assurance in higher education. EduValue is proud to host the latest edition of the APQN in Singapore.

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